Innovation, research and development

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The Naldeo group supports major companies and investors in identifying and qualifying promising innovations, as well as managing R&D programs. We also provide start-ups, manufacturers, and innovative project owners with our skills in engineering, feasibility studies, demonstrators, and test benches, to support the industrialization of inventions.


We advise technology companies on their positioning in the environmental technology market and their growth strategy. Our services include technology due diligence, investment opportunity assessments, technology roadmaps and R&D programs.

With decades of experience in innovative process engineering, we also offer a full range of innovation industrialization services, from preliminary and detailed design to the creation of demonstrators and test facilities. At our premises, we have 1,000 m² dedicated to technology demonstrators. We offer two business models: service provision or co-development in partnership, depending on our customers' needs and preferences.

Finally, we also support start-ups and entrepreneurs by helping them turn their innovative ideas into commercial successes. Our offer includes functional and value analysis for the design of innovative products, as well as in-depth market research and strategic plans to guide strategic decisions. We also support our customers in industrializing and scaling up their projects. Our services include carrying out detailed engineering studies, ensuring the technical soundness of each stage of the project. We also take charge of risk management and compliance with safety standards to guarantee the reliability and conformity of each product. In addition, we offer support in fund-raising, helping our customers to draw up the necessary documentation and accompanying them during presentations to investment funds.