Audit and due diligence

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Our technical and environmental audit and due diligence assignments cover industrial projects and assets, service infrastructures, companies, and new technologies, particularly in the water, energy, and waste sectors.


These audit and due diligence missions consist of:

  • Reviewing technical and regulatory documentation, to assess technical performance, compliance with current regulations, environmental impacts, and risks, as well as opportunities for reducing the environmental footprint or optimizing operations.
  • Challenging the technical assumptions of the business plan (e.g. capital expenditure, operating costs, maintenance costs, etc.) and the consistency of technical clauses in contracts.
  • For assets under construction or in operation, carrying out technical site visits to verify the condition of installations, their compliance, reliability, and safety.
  • Drawing up interim ("red flag") and final reports, establishing findings, identifying areas of risk, as well as corrective and preventive actions to be considered.
  • Support clients in their decision-making process, providing them with independent, objective technical and regulatory expertise, as well as supporting their tender and negotiation process when needed.