Sustainable cities and regions

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Although they occupy just 2% of the Earth's surface, cities account for 80% of global greenhouse gas emissions. They are also home to more than half the world's population, and the number of people living in them is set to double by 2050. As such, limiting the environmental footprint of cities and urban areas, particularly net artificialization, but also adapting to climate change to improve the quality of life of their inhabitants, are all major challenges of the climate and energy transformation.

Areas of intervention

In this context, the Naldeo group carries out engagements such as:

  • Development of industrial and commercial parks
  • Blueprints of road and other network plans for commercial and public buildings, as well as parking lots
  • Design of greenways and cycle paths
  • Prevention of heat islands effect
  • Redevelopment of public spaces and brownfield land
  • Urban planning


Our services include:

  • Drawing up plans, studies and master plans
  • Project management and build work supervision