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Find out more about why our 250 employees have chosen the Naldeo group.

89 / 100
Professional equality index
+ 10 %
Number of employees annual growth rate

Every year, all French companies with over 50 employees must publish the results of their Professional Equality Index by March 1. The aim of this measure is to avoid disparities by highlighting pay differences between women and men, and to identify areas for improvement.

UES Naldeo : 88/100 INDEX M/F  |  NTI : 93/100 INDEX M/F

Acting together: exciting assignements

Naldeo is a group specializing in the ecological transition, from energy to climate and the environment, which is its sole purpose and activity.

Our Group is selective in its choice of projects: it only commits to projects that have a positive climate and environmental net impact, as defined by the European Commission's green taxonomy – climate change mitigation; climate change adaptation; sustainable use and protection of water and marine resources; transition to a circular economy, waste prevention and recycling; pollution prevention and control; protection of healthy ecosystems.

The Group thoroughly measures the impact of its projects in terms of greenhouse gas reduction, water use and waste production. In 2022, for example, our missions avoided 86,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions, the equivalent of driving a car around the world 10,000 times—and 100 times the Naldeo Group's scope 3 carbon footprint. The Group's strategic priority is to amplify this positive impact.

The scope and quality of client relationships forged by the Naldeo group mean that you can work on major projects whose impact really makes a difference.

The Naldeo group is the leading provider of environmental project management services for major French cities. It supports France's 20 largest cities, as well as 200 local authorities throughout the country, in the management of energy, water, waste and development services. It also operates in more than fifteen countries around the world and cooperates with leading international organizations. Our group has also carried out energy and water optimization projects at more than a hundred major industrial sites in France.

When you work at the Naldeo group, you benefit from the support of colleagues who are seasoned experts in all areas of expertise relating to ecological, energy, water, and digital transitions. You'll quickly develop a cross-disciplinary vision of environmental issues and solutions.

As soon as they join the Group, all employees are assigned to one of our eight practices. These are designed as skill factories – providing training, constant knowledge sharing opportunities and innovation infrastructure in a large scope of environmental and technical fields.

New recruits are supported by experienced colleagues: the average tenure within the Naldeo group exceeds ten years. They can also take advantage of the in-house graduate program, which offers them a few months' rotation in three Group subsidiaries, before choosing their final assignment.

Finally, the Naldeo group invests heavily in employee training: each employee benefits from several training days per year, more than double the legal requirement in France.

The Naldeo group's mission requires building long-term relationships of trust with its customers. Therefore, our internal culture focuses on the quality of the work we do, integrity and stable partnerships with our customers.

To underline this commitment to quality, the group is ISO 9001, 14001, 45001 and 50001 certified, and holds over thirty Opqibi and Qualimetha qualifications, as well as MASE certification for work on industrial sites.

Building together: an ambitious collective vision

The Naldeo group's strategic ambition is to double its positive impact on the climate and the environment by 2027. To this end, it is actively exploring new service lines, such as urban greening, biochar and agrisolar. It is stepping up its recruiting, with the number of employees rising from 160 to 250+ between 2018 and 2023. It is increasing the number of positive-impact missions it carries out, with activity almost doubling between 2018 and 2023. It is also extending the scope of its international activities.

This dynamic creates a host of opportunities for our employees, depending on their aspirations: R&D and innovation in new service lines, career advancement, mentoring of team members, international assignments, and so on.

The Naldeo group has carefully preserved an agile start-up DNA at the heart of its culture: low bureaucracy, flat hierarchy, direct access to decision-makers, etc.

All our employees are encouraged to come forward with their ideas and to launch initiatives. We make decisions quickly and we provide the resources to support internal entrepreneurs whose desires converge with the Group's objective: to accelerate the reduction of our customers' climate and environmental footprints.

Read our employees' testimonials to find out more.

The Naldeo group is constantly developing new approaches and new technological tools, supported by a rich ecosystem of customers and partners.

All our divisions are involved in innovation and research projects, particularly in digital technology. For example, Naldeo invented a monitoring and control solution for agrisolar installations, and Enerbird, an energy management solution that equips 45 production plants and energy storage facilities around the world.

The Naldeo group benefits from the support of leading partners for research and R&D funding.

Enjoying a healthy work environment

The Naldeo group takes its employees’ personal constraints into account and offers them a range of flexible solutions to organize their work in the best possible way.

Employees can apply for geographical mobility between the Group's 13 sites in the Paris region or elsewhere in France.

All employees have access to part-time work if they wish to; around 12% of our workforce have made this choice, men and women in equal proportions.

At most of the Group's sites, teams organize many social activities, both in and out of work.

Several events punctuate the life of the group: annual general meeting, Run for the Planet challenge, green mobility days, sustainable development week, etc.

In line with our Group’s purpose and CSR policy, our premises are in modern, environmentally friendly buildings that are easily accessible by public transportation.

To fulfil its mission to serve the climate and the environment, the Naldeo group aims to recruit and retain committed and highly skilled talent. It regularly re-evaluates its compensation and benefits policy to keep its offer in line with the market.

Enjoying a healthy work environment

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