Our values

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Three professional values guide the day-to-day activities of our employees as well as our strategic orientations:


The Naldeo group is majority controlled by its leadership and employees. Consequently, our clients enjoy an impartial perspective: our recommendations stem from technical analyses and are devoid of bias when advising on the most relevant sustainable solutions. Likewise, our employees reap the rewards of our independence through a considerable degree of autonomy and swift decision-making processes, facilitating the launch and expansion of their initiatives.


The Naldeo group has built up a unique network of complementary expertise, to provide a comprehensive and relevant response to all its customers' climate and environmental problems. Our 250 engineers, consultants and employees are seasoned experts with an average of ten years' professional experience. They are associated to eight practices which catalyze their skill development and innovation: renewable energies and smart grids; energy recovery and bioenergy; water management; circular economy; networks and sustainable territories; environment and biodiversity; modelling; metrology.


The Naldeo group builds long-lasting, committed relationships with both its customers and its employees. As an illustration, we have been serving the group's ten main customers since The Naldeo group was born. This commitment is based on ethics, teamwork, transparency, and sincerity in our approach to reducing climate and environmental footprint. Regarding our employees, the high standards we set ourselves in serving our customers go hand in hand with respect for individuals, their autonomy, and our commitment to their personal development.