An eco-designed website

In line with its mission and CSR policy, the Naldeo Group website is eco-designed.

Digital sobriety has become an important issue for service companies, given that by 2022, according to the French digital authority, ARCEP, the digital sector will account for between 3% and 4% of global greenhouse gas emissions, as well as almost 6% of global energy demand.

The in-house teams and partners involved in the creation of the Naldeo Group's website therefore integrated the challenges of digital sobriety into every stage of their work, from reflection on the site's structure and content, to graphic design and the choice of host.

In particular, we opted for the following:

  • no use of video, except for specific pedagogical purpose
  • simplified structure to limit the average number of server requests
  • limited number and complexity of scripts
  • clean design and reduced definition of image files
  • lightweight pages for swift loading and reduced computing power
  • choice of a hosting provider with a clear climate and environmental policy, with quantified commitments and transparent reporting.

The results of this approach were measured using the independent Ecoindex analysis tool. The site's home page scored C, with average emissions of 1.76 grams per page. On average, the site's pages score B, with average emissions of 1.55 grams per page.

We thank you in advance for your contribution to our eco-responsible approach by browsing this site and printing its pages with discernment.