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Committed to a sustainable future

Tackling climate change and resource issues will be the greatest human challenge of the 21st century. The Naldeo group aims to bring a significant contribution to this endeavor, through its activities in engineering, consultancy, contract management and digital services.

To support this vision, the Naldeo group is building multidisciplinary experts, to provide its customers with operational solutions that are consistent with multilateral sustainability objectives (European Green Taxonomy and UN Sustainable Development Goals).

What sets us apart is the systemic approach we bring to our customers. Communities and companies wishing to reduce their environmental footprint and adapt to climate change are facing multiple interdependent ecological challenges: climate change, energy crisis, water, waste, pollution, growing pressure on scarce resources, biodiversity loss, social acceptability of change, and so on. Only a global approach can resolve these issues in a relevant, agile, and sustainable way.

We always seek to maximize the leverage of our actions on CO2 reduction, water efficiency or waste recovery, because we consider that the timeframe for action is limited, and that focusing on projects with the greatest impact is a decisive factor for success.

Committed to a sustainable future

Providing the full range of expertise required for your transformation

Our 250 engineers, consultants and employees are seasoned experts, with an average of ten years' experience. They are associated to eight practices: renewable energies and smart grids; energy recovery and bioenergy; water management; resources, materials and transition; networks and sustainable territories; environment and biodiversity; modelling; metrology.

Based in France, the Naldeo group is independent: it is owned by its employees and leadership. It is comprised of four subsidiaries, each specializing in a business or sector. Depending on the project, these subsidiaries can pool their talents and assemble a tailored team to address our clients’ needs.

The Naldeo group has a solid track record of customer references, many of whom have been with us continuously since we were founded in 2012:

French cities and local authorities, including the 20 largest metropolitan areas
industrial groups, service operators, energy companies and renewable energy developers
banks, insurers, and investment funds

We also carry out about twenty projects abroad every year.