Modeling, metrology

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The Naldeo group has specialized teams of technicians and design engineers to carry out diagnostics on drinking water, wastewater, and rainwater networks. All the measurements required for diagnosis are carried out in-house, with high end equipment for carrying out measurements in the wastewater sector (flow measurements, overflow detection, rain gauges, current clamps, smoke tests, 24-hour balances, instantaneous flow measurements, etc.) and in the drinking water sector (meter flows, tidal ranges, pressures, weighing of fire hydrants, etc.). Our teams are also equipped with drones fitted with LIDAR and thermal cameras, enabling access to difficult areas and interfaced with our GIS systems.


The Naldeo group's use of BIM (Building Information Modeling) is a long-term commitment. This commitment is in line with our desire to adapt to technological advances in terms of engineering and consulting, but also to participate in the development of new uses for digital models produced during a project, and thus improve the BIM maturity of all players in the environmental field. We believe that it is only by reaching this collective maturity that the true scope of BIM will emerge.