Technical and environmental studies

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A key player in the French market, the Naldeo group can help you draw up your regulatory filings and improve the safety of your existing or planned industrial processes. More specifically, we assist you in your regulatory proceedings relating to the French Environmental Code (DDAE, EDD, etc.) and your process or product risk analyses (HAZOP, AMDEC, etc.).


In terms of environmental studies, we deal with the following issues drafting applications for license to operate, registration dossiers, water law dossiers, "Porter à connaissance" documents, exemption from protected species regulations, ecological pre-diagnosis, flora and fauna inventory, impact studies, interpretation of environmental and health risk assessments, Best Available Techniques (BAT) reviews, preparation of review dossiers, drafting of baseline reports, reduction of consumption and substitution of materials as part of the "Factory of the Future" approach, odor studies, acoustic measurements and simulations, drafting of memoranda for the cessation of activities.

In the field of risks, our assignments cover the following topics: hazard studies and third-party appraisals of hazard studies, risk analyses (HAZID, HAZOP, AMDEC, APR, butterfly nodes), 2D or 3D modelling of hazardous phenomena, plotting of hazardous phenomena and hazard maps, production of Surveillance and Intervention Plans for transport pipelines, production of Internal Operation Plans (POI), studies of Instrumented Risk Management Measures (MMRI), fire safety studies, security and malicious acts studies, process security.

We can also provide the following services: ATEX studies (zoning, equipment suitability), ICPE classification according to SEVESO 3, post-accident analyses, regulatory audits, HACCP studies, organization of risk and safety training courses, ad hoc reinforcement of QHSE teams with the integration of one of our consultants into your team.