Institut de la Transformation Climat (ITC)

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Institut de la Transformation Climat

Institut de la Transformation Climat (ITC) is a joint initiative of ECAM LaSalle, an engineering “grande école” founded in 1900, and the Naldeo group. It represents a concrete response to the pressing challenges of the climatic and environmental transformation of industries and regions.

The ITC's mission is to act as a catalyst of this transformation by providing companies with the tools to build their own trajectory towards sustainability, and by disseminating amongst their employees the mindset and methods that will enable them to implement this trajectory over the long term. To this end, the ITC offers technical training cycles, mainly oriented towards immediate practical application, through immersion in a factory-school located on the ECAM LaSalle campus in Lyon.

In addition to its training courses, the ITC also coordinates and supports a community of researchers, teachers, and alumni, to produce, share and reality-test knowledge on climate and environmental change. This network helps maintain the dynamic of change initiated during training courses, and to enrich it with feedback from peers.

To find out more about the ITC and its training program, please visit the ITC website.