Precisely monitoring the drinking water consumption in the Nice metropolitan area

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Eau d'Azur, the public utility responsible for managing water and wastewater services within the Nice Côte d'Azur metropolitan area, has undertaken to refine its knowledge of the consumption habits of its drinking water customers, with a view to taking targeted action to reduce consumption. This commitment is in line with the fact that water resources are becoming scarcer because of climate change.

Following a call for tenders, Eau d'Azur entrusted Naldeo Stratégies Publiques, in collaboration with Naldeo Digital for Climate, with the task of defining a subscriber classification grid and analyzing consumption by subscriber typology. For this segmentation, our team had access to Eau d'Azur's customer database, while guaranteeing compliance with RGPD regulations. To make the most of this data, we had to implement complex rules and calculations.

Using a decision algorithm, Naldeo Digital for Climate was able to assign a typology to each subscriber, based on their descriptors in Eau d'Azur's REA (Référentiel d'Exploitation des Abonnés) database, as well as on open-access data (local authority open data, spatial data, INSEE data) to enrich and refine the process. These software developments have enabled us to accurately qualify all of Eau d'Azur's subscribers, facilitating the study of their consumption over three successive years (2020, 2021, 2022).

Thanks to this detailed information, the company can now identify the most appropriate measures for each customer segment and will be able to implement its commitment to improving water management and measuring the effectiveness of its actions.

Precisely monitoring the drinking water consumption in the Nice metropolitan area